Garage of Awesome Consulting

Garage of Awesome Consulting

Garage of Awesome Consulting (GoAC) is a Microsoft Training Partner based in Adelaide, South Australia offering training and user adoption from simple excite sessions through to more in-depth training in all O365 products, such as: Power BI, Teams, Forms, Flow and SharePoint. Any product that falls under a Microsoft E3 (or A3 for education) licence, we have experience implementing, maintaining and training staff at all levels. With a wide experience base to draw on GoAC can meet all of your O365 needs now and into the future.

We support all Microsoft cloud offerings from implementation to support with a focus on Teams and Power BI as together we believe these products can make a huge difference to an organisation in a short amount of time. We also offer administration assistance in O365 Admin, Cloud App Security, Security and Compliance and Azure AD (AAD) to enforce good identity management (including Multi Factor Authentication where appropriate).

GoAC offerings include training, implementation and ongoing support, either directly or in partnership with existing IT providers. We do not hesitate to partner with larger players in Australia as necessary as we are very outcome focused and believe that partnering with providers gives our clients the best outcome possible.

Please contact us via LinkedIn below or on the Contact page of this site.

We look forward to working closely with your internal IT departments to achieve better business outcomes.

Garage of Awesome? That's a weird name?

 GoAC is an offshoot of the Garage of Awesome Company that was started back in 2010 by two guys who were, and still are completely obsessed with all things automotive.


While the car obsession remains, with both current directors racing in various events around Australia the business focus has shifted to empowering our IT-based clients to use their existing investment in Microsoft licensing.