First published 2011-03-18

We were going to start our Gleaned section out with a freaky, custom built Holden Torana wagon, but then we noticed the advert was from 2009. Can it.

So how’s this item instead? Currently on eBay, this DKW van was sent to us by a reader (ok our only reader thus far) with the subject line ‘Officially the coolest thing in the world’.


DKW Auto Union van direct from eBay

He may be right; weirder and rarer than a Morris J van and probably just as lively at the Leyburn Sprints, if you can get past the crushing impossibility of sourcing parts and are handy with a welder, it’s probably a good thing.

However, the market is currently awash with DKW vans; there is a mightily restored one currently for sale in the print version of Australian Classic Car Magazine. Don’t Google it as it doesn’t appear on their website and will necessitate a reconnaissance to the lunchroom with a digital camera to source more information.


Unsure what the restored item is asking, but this one is on eBay with 5 bids so far with the dollars pushing $3,000 and no reserve in sight.


Perfect for very slow ice-cream deliveries as it already looks like its partially melted, don’t take that disparagingly. It is awesome.

Find it on The Bay here.



DKW van advert from Australian Classic Car Magazine has been gleaned the old fashioned way. By scanning. With a scanner. No pansy-boy-right-click-save-as in this one, byatches.


Gleaned from classifieds from March 2011 issue of Australian Classic Car Magazine. April’s is just out and it’s gone… or is it? Ring Brad to find out, we assume.

At $13,000, you couldn’t rebuilt the eBay job for that money unless you could do everything yourself and stole the paint.

If a reader buys it (unlikely; we have two readers so far) we want to know about it.