Welcome to GoA 2.0

Garage of Awesome 2.0 is the relaunch of the GoA website that has been around since 2010.  After various issues and a change of direction we are back on the air and look forward to bringing you quality (awesome) articles about the going on in the GoA sheds.

The old articles can be found under Classic GoA and all of the new ones under the Blog heading.  In particular keep an eye out for the ‘How to build a Targa car in under 6 months’ group of blogs… that promises to be a wild ride.

Thanks for coming back for a look or if you are new to the site welcome!  We hope you enjoy things and don’t forget to check out the Apparel link as our t-shirts come on line in late 2016!

2 thoughts on “Welcome to GoA 2.0

  • I loved this site, and I’m excited for the 2.0 version of it, but one niggle… It doesn’t seem that the Classic GoA links are directing, as advertised, it only directs to this post.

    • Hey John,

      Bear with us while we try to extract our classic articles from the old servers. Check back in a week or so and they should all be there!

      GoA Team

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