June 2, 2016


Garage of Awesome (GoA) started out as a concept over a few beers in a shed down in sleepy Adelaide, South Australia, and has slowly grown into several projects. That original idea was that anyone can work on, collect and generally appreciate cars in all forms, thus creating a Garage of Awesome!

We are not one-eyed about brand, country, design or function but rather support everyone who has an interest in cars, is willing to learn and wants to be involved.

The GoA boys head to car shows, race meets, cruises and events all year round in Adelaide and interstate, and this site (and Facebook) is a place to bring them all together.

Every week the GoA boys meet and work on projects from fire-breathing race cars to daily drivers and maybe down a few beers in the process.  Everyone who comes to these GoA nights is welcomed whether they drive an Aurion, a Datsun or a BMW.  The involvement is the key and showing their passion for all things automotive.

So whether you have a 1970’s Datsun that is more of a Ratsun, a Eurotrash BMW or a late-model import it doesn’t matter. What matters is that you are willing to turn a spanner, lend a hand, learn something new and give it a go, welcome to the Garage of Awesome!