GENERAL AWESOME – Freakshow – Ford XW Falcon GT 428 Cobrajet Bill Bourke Special

First published in 2011-05-05  You’re the head of the local arm of a multi-national automotive corporation in the hedonistic late 1960’s. You’ve invented a muscle-car sub-genre that is going to prevail for decades. You need a daily driver. What to do? Chicago-born Bill Bourke was deployed to Ford Australia from 1965 to 1971 and during that[…]

GLEANED – Rolls Royce Ratter

First published 2011-04-27  We’re not normally that excited about Rolls Royce’s. They are generally driven by the retired elderly at an annoyingly slow pace. Often, they reek of impending death. When this one passed through our inbox though, it piqued our interest. We bar up hard for un-restored survivors of anything really, and while the[…]

GLEANED – Chrysler CL Valiant Sports Van

First published in 2011-04-21  As detailed in a previous Gleaned item on the Ford Econoline Yank-tank-boogie-van-mystery-machine, sedan based-panelvans were always the SHIZ for Australian tradesman and surfies alike. Much like in the States though, the Big Three manufacturers noticed the pungent smell of bong smoke wafting from their commercial products and decided to cater to[…]

GLEANED – 1972 Ford Econoline – Mystery Machine

First published in 2011-04-19  Australia’s van market has always suffered from a lack of big, Yank-style, bonneted vans, which makes this item Gleaned from Gumtree a real pearler. The Aussie van scene has always forged its own path; for both tradies and surfies from the 1950’s right through to the 1980’s, the only real choice[…]

GENERAL AWESOME – Expressive Cars – some care, some do not

First published in 2011-04-16  You know, we all love cars here at Garage of Awesome. More than that, we love all cars. OK, that’s not entirely true. We love all cars with chrome. Hmm, maybe that’s not true either. Can anyone say ‘Daihatsu Sirion’? Some things are best left unsaid. Some cars are famous for[…]

SPOTTED – Toyota 2000GT – one-owner on original tyres – UPDATED

First published in 2011-04-11  Adelaide’s annual All Japan Day usually throws up the random oddball machine, but none more AWESOME than one of only 351 Toyota 2000 GT’s ever built. Jeff Grandsden has been custodian and caretaker of this machine since the day the Smoker family brought it brand-new in 1967 although it has only[…]