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Welcome to GoA 2.0

Garage of Awesome 2.0 is the relaunch of the GoA website that has been around since 2010.  After various issues and a change of direction we are back on the air and look forward to bringing you quality (awesome) articles about the going on in the GoA sheds. The old articles can be found under Classic[…]

GLEANED – Isuzu Bellett GT1600

First published 2011-12-28 Being Bellett aficionados ourselves, this example did not take long to pass by our inbox, Facebook page and even SMS, within hours of hitting the site. Scant details are supplied and the 1964 year model appears to be wrong, with the Bellett GT1600 not being released until 1965 and the PR91-model, which this[…]

GLEANED – Mazda Bongo

First published 2011-07-24  As you may have read previously, we’re all for a Mazda Bongo. They are rare, look happy and have a crazy name.   Unfortunately they’re few and far between these days thanks to their penchant for rust, catching fire and people like Australian movie director George Miller. This beautiful breadvan would surely[…]

SPOTTED – Trihawk 3-wheeled Freak Show

First published 2011-07-14  Our Spotted section is for cars that we’ve seen about the place; generally lurking around the mean streets of Murder City, South Australia. However, in September 2010 we took a wrong turn on our way to the McDonalds drive-thru and ended up at a Coffee and Cars meet in Irvine, California.  The[…]

GENERAL AWESOME – 4 Most Ridiculous Badge-Engineered Cars to Disgrace the Australian Market

First published 2011-06-20 Badge engineering is the process of getting a car that already exists and re-branding it. Sometimes, with some clever styling, it can work. Nobody questioned Ford ‘s small and mid-sized Laser and Telstar range, available mainly in the Asia-Pacific region throughout the 1980s and 1990s; they were pretty much Mazdas, 323s and[…]


First published 2011-06-08 Aussie readers will know one thing about the following initials. Regardless of if they are enthusiasts of Holden or Ford, regardless of if they like imports or local cars, modern cars or classics, regardless of almost anything, they will know the initials H.S.V. and they will know, regardless of their allegiance, that[…]

GENERAL AWESOME – 3 Awesome Second Fiddle Movie & TV Cars

First published 2011-05-30  K.A.R.R. – Knight Rider  1982 While K.I.T.T. was everybody ‘s favourite 1982 sentient robotised boy-scout Pontiac Firebird that spent its days ferrying about an extremely blow-dried David Hasselhoff from one big-haired 1980’s booty call to another, K.A.R.R. was quietly brewing up unadulterated evil. In a story closely mirrored six years later by[…]