SPOTTED – 1932 Morris Minor Monster Mash

First published 2011-05-21  We love a good hot-rod here at Garage of Awesome. We usually prefer ratter or nostalgia rods rather than super-slick street rods, but when we saw this, our brains literally crashed.   This 1932 looks like standard street rod fair from the front, although colour-coded grille, cycle guards and retro-Centreline-style wheels with[…]

GENERAL AWESOME – Freakshow – Ford XW Falcon GT 428 Cobrajet Bill Bourke Special

First published in 2011-05-05  You’re the head of the local arm of a multi-national automotive corporation in the hedonistic late 1960’s. You’ve invented a muscle-car sub-genre that is going to prevail for decades. You need a daily driver. What to do? Chicago-born Bill Bourke was deployed to Ford Australia from 1965 to 1971 and during that[…]

GLEANED – 1972 Ford Econoline – Mystery Machine

First published in 2011-04-19  Australia’s van market has always suffered from a lack of big, Yank-style, bonneted vans, which makes this item Gleaned from Gumtree a real pearler. The Aussie van scene has always forged its own path; for both tradies and surfies from the 1950’s right through to the 1980’s, the only real choice[…]