SPOTTED – Ford Courier with bags

SPOTTED – Ford Courier with bags

First published 2011-03-22 

We spotted this mint-looking 1980’s Ford Courier down at Middleton Bakery at their monthly ‘Cars and Pizza’ night. Things were looking pretty stock until he pulled up and let the gas out of the bags, instantly dropping its arse on the deck.


Leaving, he let it back up to stock height and disappeared up the road, only to re-appear a few minutes later laying extreme rail and dragging the arse area across the pavement like a dog across the carpet!

The shower of sparks in the night sky was impressive, although we cringe what he is doing to the bumper. Surely bolting a pair of inverted towballs under the back would be worth it to save what must be a hard-to-find-item in good condition?


Still, despite a couple of tidy rods and some other classics, the unique condition of this vehicle and its ability to lay serious rail all while looking clean, minty and stock means that it got our thumbs up!


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