GENERAL AWESOME – Expressive Cars – some care, some do not

GENERAL AWESOME – Expressive Cars – some care, some do not

First published in 2011-04-16 

You know, we all love cars here at Garage of Awesome. More than that, we love all cars. OK, that’s not entirely true. We love all cars with chrome. Hmm, maybe that’s not true either. Can anyone say ‘Daihatsu Sirion’? Some things are best left unsaid.

Some cars are famous for their beauty; take the beautiful Lamborghini Miura. Often lauded as one of the most stunning cars of all time despite their Clockwork Orange eyes, the design is equal parts muscular and delicate. The prototype for the quintessential mid-engine Italian sports car, they are unbelievably recalcitrant in real life and it would, in all seriousness, be easier to eat eight tonnes of cheese per day, every day of your life, than to own one.

Lamborghini Miura – hard to own but not hard to love

Some cars are famous for their stout, tough looks. Despite Ford inventing the muscle car genre with the Ford Mustang, the short, wide bodied, Coke-bottle-hip-lined Chrysler Charger/Plymouth Barracuda twins perhaps embodied the muscle car genre like no others. Cars like this made such an impression on people they forgot how to spell ‘tuff’ and ‘phat’. Even in pink it looked tuff. And they even made girls a bit horny.

I have to stand here and do WHAT?

But some cars are just expressive without reputation for beauty or horn. Their ‘face’ is the giveaway. Most car people will know that the happiest car on Earth is the Austin Healey ‘bugeye’ Sprite. These things are, quite possibly, the cheeriest machines known to man.

I freakin’ love EVERYTHING!  W00T!


They exude the enthusiasm of a puppy and feature a grin that is only equaled by a Manga character.

That’s the one

But if that is the Yin of the automobile, we can now present to you, the Yang.

The 1929 Ruxton.

I simply do not give a fuck.


Clearly, this car has no time for you. It does not care who you are, what you do, what your station is or even if you are dead beneath its wheels.

It, quite simply, cares not.

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