GLEANED – Datsun U320 Dual-Cab ute

GLEANED – Datsun U320 Dual-Cab ute

First published in 2011-05-02

If everybody thought like us, the appearance of this advert on Gumtree would cause a mass panic of Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World proportions, with people streaming from all over the nation to find the treasure in Tasmania, possibly under a large D-shaped palm tree, if palm trees didn’t just die where they stand because Tasmania is colder than space.

This 1964 Datsun U320 dual-cab ute is one of the most amazing, rare and bizarre time capsules you will ever, EVER see.

The advert is scant on details and the photos don’t even show the front of the car, but do show the sellers shadow casting serious jazz-hands which more than makes up for it.

Jazz hands! – Gumtree


The interior appears to be mint, stock and un-restored, which is just awesome for a 47 year old utility vehicle and hopefully is indicative of the condition of the bits you can’t see in the three photos.   With a claimed genuine 31,800 miles on it, how bad can it be?

Minty and fresh – Gumtree

The Datsun Bluebird was relatively common in Australia in sedan form and the cab-chassis, single-cab pickup was even more common, but this freakasaurus dual cab was sold here in small numbers only.

The reason for the small numbers was probably because designers appeared to have forgotten if they were styling a sedan, a coupe, a ute or an Austin Cambridge, so they just stuck it all together, sighed ‘oh well’, had another hit of opium and watched the colours on the wall.

Datsun U320 – do NOT adjust your set – Gumtree

At $6,000, it’s not free, but it’s AMAZING and in all honesty, historically important, because every dual cab Navara, Rodeo, Hilux, Triton, Courier or Mazda B-series pretty much owes its existence to this vehicle.

Car is in Tasmania; find it on Gumtree


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