GLEANED – Toyota Tiara ute

GLEANED – Toyota Tiara ute

First published 2011-05-14

It was always our intention to keep our featured vehicles wide and varied. We didn’t want to get too bogged down with one style of vehicle or another, so as long as the vehicle had a tangible level of awesome, it was in.

However, the appearance of two heroically AWESOME Jap-spec utes within a few days of each other means we can either:

a) not feature this mild custom Toyota Tiara ute because we already featured that original-mileage Datsun 320 dual cab monstrosity of awesome a few days ago or

b) screw you; have a look at this thing!

Licenced to carry up to 750kgs of awesome – eBay

Toyota Tiaras are thin on the ground in Australia. How thin? Think of a drawing of Mary-Kate Olsen drawn entirely with the thin end of a carpenter’s pencil. A bit thinner than that.


They were the first Toyota sold in Australia in any numbers and were the first Toyota to be built outside of Japan. Being designated RT26 (sedan version was RT20), they were also the predecessor of the mighty shovel nose RT40 Corona that came next and the ancestor of every other Corona variant that went on to bore generations of motorists until the late 1980s and beyond if you lived in Asia.

The styling of the Tiara is something to behold; from the ovoid grille and indicators to the miniature rear fins, it exudes the upright, austere class and poise that every 1950s car did, unless they were American.

Toyota have never shied away from making crazy utes; they did it later with the classic RT40 Corona and again with the luxury-spec Toyota Crown, but this would have to be the first.

Best of all, the condition appears pretty original. Sure, it’s had a respray, but whoever did it resisted the urge to paint it Subaru WRX blue. Sure, it’s slammed to the weeds, but as if you would change it. Oh and sure the interior has had a bit of a garish re-trim, however it’s certainly better than getting one with a shot original interior. In fact, it’s better that the only other alternative, which is not getting a Toyota Tiara ute at all.



Located just outside Melbourne, find it here on eBay currently at $3150, reserve not met.

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