SPOTTED – 1932 Morris Minor Monster Mash

SPOTTED – 1932 Morris Minor Monster Mash

First published 2011-05-21 

We love a good hot-rod here at Garage of Awesome. We usually prefer ratter or nostalgia rods rather than super-slick street rods, but when we saw this, our brains literally crashed.



This 1932 looks like standard street rod fair from the front, although colour-coded grille, cycle guards and retro-Centreline-style wheels with spinners, plus a monster motor don’t necessarily an awesome rod maketh.

Look at it – GoA Images


Oh wait. Look at it again. Look at ALL of it.


WE don’t purport to be rod-building experts here, but while it‘s conceivable someone handy with a welder and some hammers did great job integrating a 1932 Ford with a Morris Minor, the fact that they work so well together is astounding.

Rarely do two entirely different cars come together well.

Nice Try - GoA Images
Nice Try – GoA Images


The Morris, uh ’32, uh, yeah – doesn’t look like it‘s going to get registration in South Australia; certainly not without a front bumper and a wad of engineering certificates that would rival that of a wide-span bridge or medium-sized skyscraper, but it does look COOL…  and like any rod with a big motor and a light body (that would be pretty much all of them), it would go like it‘s on fire.

This was spotted at the Tanunda Rod and Classic street party in 2007 and hasn’t been spotted since. Let’s hope it’s out there. Causing double takes and arguments alike.




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