SPOTTED – Trihawk 3-wheeled Freak Show

SPOTTED – Trihawk 3-wheeled Freak Show

First published 2011-07-14 

Our Spotted section is for cars that we’ve seen about the place; generally lurking around the mean streets of Murder City, South Australia. However, in September 2010 we took a wrong turn on our way to the McDonalds drive-thru and ended up at a Coffee and Cars meet in Irvine, California.  The meet was no less than awesome, with no snobbery, cars of every make, model and creed, of any age and, it seemed with any amount of wheels.  This Trihawk garnered plenty of attention for several reasons, nutty 3-nut wheels, chronically 1980’s wedgy styling and, least of all a total of only three wheels.

Count ’em – GoA Images

Built from 1982 to 1985 with under 100 units produced total, the Trihawk featured a Citroen front-wheel-drive transaxle, Renault R5 suspension and a low centre of gravity that resulted in a reverse-Reliant-Robin sports car that could pull around a full G on the skid pan.  That’s some G.  It wouldn’t be a hard car to own; compromised like any sports car, but apparently awesome to fang around. Of course, it draws attention like Teri Hatcher at a Star Trek convention and has a frontal impact zone that is comprised entirely of your shins, but what’s a little blood loss and total, permanent paralysis when you’ve got such a cool machine?

Check that nose out. Where your feet will live. – GoA Images


Of course, due to the above crash safety standards, lack of a full set of wheels and corduroy-spec dagginess, we’re not going to see one hit our shores anytime soon, not when you can just go buy a Canam Spyder. That being said, we know which one we’d prefer to own.

Not cool from any angle. Which makes it cool. – GoA Images
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