GLEANED – Isuzu Bellett GT1600

GLEANED – Isuzu Bellett GT1600

First published 2011-12-28

Being Bellett aficionados ourselves, this example did not take long to pass by our inbox, Facebook page and even SMS, within hours of hitting the site.

Scant details are supplied and the 1964 year model appears to be wrong, with the Bellett GT1600 not being released until 1965 and the PR91-model, which this undoubtedly is, not released until 1966.


We’d want to know if all parts, badges and bright work are included as much of these are not shared with the (slightly) more common sedan and we’d be very interested to know if the ‘original hub caps’ are those mystery caps in the photo or the actual, rocking-horse-shit-rare wheel covers that, in Australia at least, were unique to the Bellett GT.

However, with classic Japanese prices slowly increasing and $5000 being the current standard price for a non-running GT, the $5500 asking price doesn’t seem out of the question, however the fact that it is in Perth may be a barrier for any non-sand-groper to purchase it and drag it across the country for completion.



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