Azure Arc – Move your on-prem monitoring to the cloud

If you (like many of our customers) run a mix of on-premises and cloud to support your business we, might have a solution that will help to bring all your infrastructure under the one umbrella.

Customer architecture is becoming more and more complex moving away from the historical single giant applications that run a business, and toward many smaller applications and containers spanning across branches, datacenters, and even multi cloud environments.

How do I manage and govern all this?

Given the size of the task, “how” is normally the first question asked. Moving every workload to the cloud straight away is often a huge task – and that’s why many others are starting to look to Azure Arc as the solution.

Azure Arc Is here to provide you with a single pane of glass to view and manage resources no matter where they are – centralizing your management and allowing you to administer cloud resources without fracturing your focus.

Azure currently has three offerings within Arc:

  • Arc enabled servers
  • SQL Server on Azure Arc-enabled servers
  • Azure Arc enabled Kubernetes

Single pane of glass? What’s the benefit?

A single pane of glass means you can get a unified viewing experience of your Azure Arc-enabled resources within Azure, allowing you to implement consistent management, governance, and security for servers across your environment all from the Azure portal.

Surely this is going to cost me?

As surprising as it might be the basic Azure Arc control plane functionality is offered at no extra cost within Azure. Some of the features included are:

  • Resource organization through Azure management groups and tags
  • Searching and indexing through Azure Resource Graph
  • Access and security through Azure RBAC and subscriptions
  • Environments and automation through templates and extensions
  • Update management

However, any service that is used on your Azure Arc connected servers will still attract the normal Azure fees.

In conclusion Azure Arc is the missing link to bringing your current environment under that single management umbrella. Enabling you to perform consistent administrative tasks across the whole environment, wile improving security and governance.

As simple as this all is, there is more to this configuration than meets the eye  – Why not allow Garage of Awesome Consulting to assist you with your cloud uplift? Contact us today.


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